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Knights of St Christopher

Early in 2013 the Bishop Rt. Rev. Felix Orji, promoting Discipleship and evangelism in the diocese, met with few people and decided to recognize and honor members of the laity who have distinguished themselves and wish to do so in service to the Church and Society. Such important and highly honored office of the laity in the Church of God Anglican Communion is that of the Knighthood. Knights support their Bishop and under his authority.


Mother's Union

Mothers’ Union is an international Christian organization that seeks to support families worldwide. The Union is specifically concerned with all that strengthens, preserves marriage and supports Christian family life especially in times of adversity.

Society of St Benedict

The Society of Saint Benedict shall function as a ministry of the Anglican Diocese of All Nations for the purpose of formation in community guided by the study of Holy Scripture and the Rule of St. Benedict (Rule) to the end that the members of the society deepen their walk with Christ and live lives of obedience, humility, prayer and charity expressed in works of mercy, and obedience to the Great Commission (evangelism & mission—Mt 28:18-20). Essentially, this Society is for men and women (lay and clergy) who wish to encourage and hold each other up and accountable so as to live the Christian life under the Gospel of grace in Christ.

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