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Early in 2013 the Bishop Rt. Rev. Felix Orji, promoting Discipleship and evangelism in Anglican Diocese of All Nations met with few a people and decided to recognize and honor members of the laity who have distinguished themselves and wish to do so in service to the Church and Society. Such important and highly honored office of the laity in the Church of God Anglican Communion is that of the Knighthood. Knights support their Bishop and under his authority.

Knighthood is an honor bestowed on men and women distinguished for personal character and notable accomplishments for the good of humanity. In the Church, recipients are persons who have conducted themselves in an exemplary manner in the past and have equally been available for services to the Church and to Church authorities.

Knighthood is a mission of sacrifice and should not simply be regarded as a reward for a job well done but rather as a new call for greater responsibility in the Church. Knighthood is not a status symbol, it is not a secret cult, and it is certainly not a social club where people gather to seek or have fun. IT IS A CALL TO SERVE GOD AND MAN.

A night must be:

  1. A Born Again Christian.

  2. Committed and participating Anglican in good standing and of proven moral integrity.

  3. They must be full active members of their home Anglican churches.

  4. Married to one wife.   (1 Corinthians 9:5)

  5. Blameless in Conduct.   (1 Timothy 5:7; 6:14)

  6. Given to Hospitality.   (Titus 1:8; Romans 12:13)

  7. Not member of secret society.

  8. Not given to too much wine.   (1 Timothy 3:3; Titus 1:7)

  9. A communicant in good standing.

  10. A generous financial contributor to the Diocese.

A Knight is someone who has distinguished himself/ herself in service to the Church and Society that the Church decides to bring him/ her to the center rank. The true essence of knighthood is not so much of what you think, it is what others see in you through your ways life and conduct, the good impact you make in people’s lives, your family, community and your diocese/church. What actually makes a knight is not the dressing. Remember the old saying; “The hood does not make a monk” it is the SPIRITUAL IMPACT the individual knight makes in his immediate and remote environment that actually makes him/her a Knight.

In the olden days as well as the present, priests and kings are anointed to set them apart to work for which they are called. In the same way, knight is not just clad in the military outfit/sword, he/she is anointed set apart, empowered spiritually not to fight as combatant soldiers but as soldiers of the cross. A Knight is to wage war against anything evil.

The anointing possessed by the knight enables him/her to fight not with bare hands or empty heart, but to be spiritually combat-ready with the following weapons, Truth, Righteousness, Faith, God's word (sword of the spirit) and prayer. (Ephesians. 6: 13-18) A Christian knight must PRAY. Christian knight must be instruments in the hand of God and give prayer support for Missions and Evangelism. Remember Jesus said; Apart from me you can do nothing. All the Knights must shun pride, sexual immorality, arrogance and insubordination. You must see yourselves as soldiers of Christ and a burden bearer.

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